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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

~fadz mahad~

Name : Fathmawaty binti Mahad
Age : 21 years old
nick name : fadz a.k.a farth
StuDied : Bachelor of Degree Education in UPSI
address : Pasir Gudang, Johor
cute, kewl, n funky......
bf : M.SOfian YusoF lew....
DAughtEr Mr.Mahad & Mrs.Aisyah
sister : Fitrihearty , Arefiz, n DauS
birthday : 21 June 1989
zodiaC : Cancer or Gemini
LikE muSic, ArT, sketcH, especially eaT....hahahahhahah
ex~student skool : SMKPG 2,SMKPG 1, SMKTIE 2,SMKK....
lets enjoy with urself ,these are the goOd old days u are going to misS in the years ahEad.....

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